PP #21 – Moved through Air into Solid

Guy Eytan >
Moved through Air into Solid

Ausstellung für Fotografie, Installation

Vernissage: 14.06.2018 19:00 Uhr bis 22:00 Uhr
Laufzeit: 15.06.2018 – 17.06.2018
Öffnungszeiten: 17:00 – 19:00 Uhr u.n.V.

Helmholtzstrasse 1, 04177 Leipzig

mit Guy Eytan, kuratiert von Marcel Noack

Guy Eytan: how to become one...

Guy Eytan: how to become one… Photo courtesy of Paula Fraile

Guy Eytan: how to become one...

Guy Eytan: how to become one…  Photo courtesy of Paula Fraile

Guy Eytan: the moon in the water...

Guy Eytan: the moon in the water…  Photo courtesy of Paula Fraile

I am only here in passing. Only came here recently. I was asked if i moved here permanently, i wanted to say that nothing is permanent except death, but the woman that asked is religious and believes that the Messiah would come and save us from death. “Those who believe in me shall not taste death” so nothing is permanent. Instead the answer is maybe. But for now the clear thing is that I am still passing. The buildings look down at you as you walk down the street, knowing. The pillars are placed after an event, thinking about the event as if it was their reason, but their reasons are that people wanted to make sure that I will always be the one that thinks that I should not be here. Their reasons are always that I am the one that should be moving. Their reasons is a double edged sword – one side is to keep those that recognize the stones as part of themselves will have a place to point to and those who do not will be shown where they should keep away. The buildings look down at me and tell me to leave, but it is all down by silent projections. The stones do not gather moss but remain still, remain strong against the winds. The winds wear it down, but remove the moss by adding a layer of soot. The soot marks the age. You have different soot on your face, a moisturizer will help remove it from the wrinkles at the side of your mouth. The stones don’t moisturize. They don’t need them. They just want to be as they are. They will be there after you. They are here before me. They were placed in spite, to spite. I am here to conform, to be shaped by them. Architecture is not a fashion that you cannot wear, architecture is fashion with a military and a navy.

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